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I Cancel You: A Journey of Faith, Healing Power and Authority When You're Battling Long-Term Illness 


Paperback– November 12, 2018

by Chontae Taingahue (Author)


Life-changing keys for those diagnosed with serious illness. The incredible journey of someone who put their Christian faith into action and survived pancreatic cancer.

"Pancreatic cancer... seemed to have a long-winded echo as the doctor spoke. Maybe those weren't the words you or someone you love received; maybe the words echoed were a different form of cancer, terminal illness, or maybe like the Apostle Paul, you have a long-standing thorn in your flesh, causing you pain and suffering, even worse tormenting you. Whatever your reasons are, I wrote this book with you in mind." CHONTAE


Not everyone is healed of cancer or a debilitating illness... and yet some are. Discover revelational keys on how to walk with God or support a loved one through illness, and continue to believe for His healing love and power.

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